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From ASICS, to Toyota, to Pacific Life, I have penned speeches for C-Suite executives, whether they appear in live talent and videos, as emcees in roasts and recognition events or as leaders delivering serious messages to their audiences. As always, my aim is to craft the words to the speakers' natural delivery style.

Below are a few examples.

Toast Poems

Pacific Life - Executive VP

When this executive needed an extra dose of originality to close out an already memorable Awards Night, I decided to make his yearly toast into a poem.

We had no idea that the idea would catch on, but it did, and the toast poem became his signature sign off, a succinct way to wrap up the old year, anticipate the coming year, and inspire the troops.

Here's an example as they celebrated the Division's 20th Anniversary.  The Executive VP raised his glass with the others and said,

Twenty years have gone by in the blink of an eye

We can look back with wonder and pride

At the strides we have made and the part we have played

Our legacy can’t be denied


Here’s to our achievements, the great and the small

To our quest for success so sublime

Here’s to the winner inside of us all

And our greatest competitor, 



We all race against Time, we arrive just in Time

Some suppose Time is theirs to command

Time is money some say, and yes, Time slips away

Time serves only the ones who have planned


(To an honored exec, retiring)


Here’s to a legend whose hist’ry tonight

We have learned as he played on our stage

He brought Time to a standstill, and fought the good fight

To bring about our Golden Age

(To All)

What history you make depends only on you

No matter what mountain you climb

Make each moment matter; to our mission be true

And they’ll say of you, “This was your Time.”




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