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Me, Myself and You, Inc.

I like to write, I like to draw and I love to collaborate with those who want to offer something of value to the world. I've worked with clients ranging from Taco Bell to Disney with what some have called my unique skill sets, but I don't do it alone. You are the key visionary, and it's my duty to bring your unique message to life through speech writing, copy writing, scripts, character design, concepts, storyboards or even simple sketches.

I hope you'll consider me as your collaborator for whatever creative, writing or illustration project you have in mind.

Our Story

Who Is David Boelke?

Chicago born and raised David Boelke is the son of an artist mother and a Sears executive father. As a high school student in Glen Ellyn, IL, he earned money as an illustrator, also as a piano player in traditional jazz bands playing in Chicago venues.

Graduated with honors in Art and Theater from St. Olaf College, MN, he began his career, first as a singing waiter and actor in Kansas City, MO., then as a night club performer, piano player, actor and editorial illustrator in New York City and San Diego, CA.

David finally settled into his longest occupation, as an award-winning creative director in Los Angeles, CA., where he lives to this day with his wife and two daughters.

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